Thermic and overpressure protection
Analogue thermometer
Analogue thermometer with two electrical contacts
Buchholz relay with two electrical contacts
Explosion proof security valve
Oil filter valve
DGPT2 / R.I.S.
Oil level indicator with electrical contacts
Silcagel air dryer
Higroscopical salt for air dryer (1kg)
Overpressure valve with electric contacts
Oil level indicator for hermetic type transformer
Electrostatic shield
Marshalling box for auxiliaries
HV + LV terminals
Three plug bushings elastimold type (fixed part)
Three plug bushings elastimold type (mobile part)
Locking system for elastimold bushing
Three plug bushings DJ1111 type (fixed part)
Three plug in bushings DJ1111 type (mobile part)
Bus bar insulators 1150 Amp. type DJ 1107
Protection cover for bus bar insulators DJ 1109
Mechanical protection
HV and LV protection box