Special Equipment


C&M can boast over 20 years of experience in design and manufacturing special equipment as per our reference list.

Our rigorous quality control policy covers every manufacturing stage, from the inspection of incoming materials and the checking of individual components, to final performance testing and the commissioning.

The resulting design of our equipment is:
  • • simple
  • • robust
  • • reliable
  • • with limited maintenance
Our main special equipment types:
  • • Power transformers
  • • Dry type transformers
  • • Rectifier transformers
  • • Earth transformers
  • • Furnace transformers
  • • Oil and dry type reactors for any use (shunt reactor, testing room, resonant system)
  • • High Voltage test transformers until 1000 KV High Voltage test systems.
  • • High current transformers
  • • Voltage regulating transformers (with no flexible connection, windings in slots, sliding or roller contact!).

C&M design concept is based on the control of dispersed magnetic fluxes and overcomes the need to use sliding contacts avoiding the relevant sparks and the related carbonaceous residues that negatively affects the conventional systems. Magnetic flow control is carried out by the dynamic positioning of a magnetic screen without any sliding contact by means of a simple screw-nut coupling assembly. Able to ensure continuous control (and not step-by-step as in the conventional solutions). Able to ensure wide control range (easily adaptable to specific customer requirements).